Heart Attack
Resistance Relay

a fundraiser to benefit IRCO:
Saturday, september 29th

At Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club we believe that by helping our members to feel stronger, more confident, and more powerful, we can, by extension, strengthen the families, workplaces, and communities that they are a part of. This September, we are hoping to harness the strength, energy, and compassion of Portland’s fitness community to raise money for a worthy cause. Recruit your friends, build your team, and join us in our efforts to strengthen and empower our most marginalized neighbors, the immigrants and refugees making a home in our city. Every dollar raised during this event will go to IRCO, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Portland. You can find more information about this critical resource at irco.org.

The Heart Attack Resistance Relay is a fun, ferocious, team event that will test strength, endurance, skill, smarts, and team cohesion!

You need a team of 5 people for this event, which starts promptly at 11am.

Cost per team: $100
entries processed through paypal - click here!

  • Task #1: All teams complete a trivia quiz. Results will determine starting positions and handicaps.

  • Task #2: First relay member runs a 5 mile course from BHKC to the top of Mt. Tabor and back.

  • Task #3: Second relay member carries the kettlebell closest to 20% of their weight from BHKC, to the top of Mt. Tabor, and back, using a route of their choosing.

  • Task #4: Third team member completes as many kettlebell swings as possible in 10 minutes, with one of three different weights. You may choose a 24, 36, or 48 kg bell. We recommend you attend one of our Intro classes because if your swings look terrible and dangerous, you may be asked to stop.

  • Task #5: Fourth team member jumps rope 1500 times as quickly as possible.

  • Task #6: All team members can begin completing a 10 step scavenger hunt as soon as their runner begins,

  • Task #7: Teams will complete a surprise strength challenge for time.


  • The trivia quiz will consist of 20 completely arbitrary and questions thought up by Tana based on her nerdy pop culture and educational preferences. Team rankings will determine starting order, with 30 second gaps between starts.

  • The runner is required to run with an app like Nike+, Strava, Runkeeper, etc. You will present a screenshot of your map and mileage when you get back to verify that you covered 5 miles and ran the approved route. The route will be posted 2 weeks before the race, and marked with chalk. The last team to arrive back at the gym receives 5 points, second to last gets 10 points, third gets 15, and so on.

  • We will weigh the team member that will be performing the carry. They will carry the kettlebell closest to 20% of their weight. The weight must be carried in the team members hands. The carrier can take any route to the top of Mt. Tabor and back. There will be a BHKC representative hiding somewhere on top. The runner must take a selfie with this representative and present it when they return to the gym. The last team to arrive back at the gym receives 5 points, second to last gets 10 points, third gets 15, and so on.

  • The team member performing kettlebell swings will choose either the 24, 32, or 48kg bell. They will complete as many kettlebell swings as possible in 10 minutes. We will calculate (Reps/10) and add bonus points depending on weight. 30 points for the 48kg, 20 for the 32kg, and 1o for the 24kg. Swings must be hard style swings, performed with proper technique. If you are unsure about this please send us a video. Each team will be responsible for providing a swing counter for another team.

  • The jumper will perform 1500 successful jumps as quickly as possible. Scoring is as follows: if your jumper finishes in under 12 minutes, your team will receive 100 points. Then, for every 30 second interval after 12 minutes your team will receive 5 fewer points. Each team that completes 1500 jumps will receive a minimum of 5 points, no matter how long it takes. Each team will be responsible for providing a jump counter for another team.

  • As soon as your runner leaves the gym, the other team members can begin working on the scavenger hunt. There will be 10 tasks. Your team will receive 10 points for each task you complete.

  • When your team turns in your scavenger hunt, the whole team may begin on the surprise strength challenge. Scoring TBD.


Leave the gym and run East on Lincoln. Continue on Lincoln until you enter Mt. Tabor Park. Run to the top of the park, following the road. When you get to the top, take 2 loops around the grassy area. After completing two loops, head downhill on the dirt path off the SW side of the loop. This path takes you past the light post and down to the Upper Reservoir. At the upper reservoir, head up the steep, mini hill, just south of the reservoir and back down the other side. When you exit the hill on the downhill side of the upper reservoir, take the dirt path just south of the stairs. This path takes you to the Lower Reservoir. Make two loops around the lower reservoir, then head back to Lincoln, and back to the gym. The route will be marked with chalk.