Single Arm Swings

This week we are continuing our hinge series at BHKC with a focus on the Single Arm Swing. This is one of the most difficult kettlebell movements because of it's anti-rotational nature. The weight of the bell will want to pull you into rotation. It is your job to resist the weight and stay square to the mirror at the top, and square to the floor at the bottom. Trust your legs, catch the weight in your hips, don't try to catch it with your shoulder or your core. You'll lose that battle every time. The hinge in the single arm swing should be identical to the hinge in the regular swing. Look for vertical shins, a 45 degree angle between the hip and the knee, a strong, flat back, and a neutral spine. The arm should be connected to the body while the hips are in motion. From the front, the shoulders should be square and level at the bottom of the swing. There should be no twisting of the torso, or flexion of the spine. Make sure that one knee doesn't splay out, meaning that more weight is being caught on one side, instead of taking the weight equally into the hips. On the way up, both hips should come forward at the same time. No Elvis hips.