Warrior Room PDX becomes Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club!!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, and our rebrand to Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club! 

We are still the same hard working, hard playing, hard giving gym that we were before. Tana is still the owner and Holly, Lenny, and Lara are still the trainers. The only things changing are the gym name and logo, and the programming is getting a serious upgrade. We will now offer 5 different classes that will be offered in a randomized schedule throughout the month so clients will be sure to hit each of them at least once a month. We will also have a major skills focus each month with weekly goals and assessments to keep us all on track. In short, there are lots of big changes happening at BHKC, but every one of them has been well thought out to make the client experience safer, smarter, and more effective.

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