We believe in functional fitness, attention to detail, and sound technique. Our trainers are all StrongFirst certified and experienced kettlebell practitioners, so you can be assured that your workout will not only be challenging and fun, but also safe and smart. 



tana ross

Tana is a native Oregonian and lover of trees, rain, mountains and the Oregon coast. A lifelong athlete, Tana earned her degree in Literature, Psychology, and basketball from Claremont McKenna College in southern California. She is a former high school English teacher and stay at home mom. In 2010 she discovered kettlebells and never looked back. Tana has held an Agatsu Level I Kettlebell Certification, an IKFF Level 1 Kettlebell Certification, and an ACE personal trainer certification. Currently, she is proud to be a StrongFirst Certified Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor. When she’s not at the gym, Tana and her wife Holly are watching their three children play soccer, lacrosse, jiu jitsu, or any number of other activities; working in her backyard, or enjoying the food and people of Portland. The family also loves snowboarding, reading, movies, and music. 


Bleeding Hearts Trainer Lara Messersmith-Glavin

Lara Messersmith-Glavin

Lara is StrongFirst Level 1 certified, and brings with her years of experience in team sports (primarily basketball) and various fighting arts, including an advanced belt in Tum Pai Kajukenbo and medals in submission grappling. Inside the gym, she focuses on careful technique and individual development.  She takes a holistic approach to training, seeing physical health and strength as fundamentally linked with emotional and social well-being.  She loves the community aspect of Bleeding Hearts, and values the supportive, body-positive atmosphere created by the trainers and the clients. 

Outside the gym, when Lara isn’t teaching, writing, or organizing, she’s often found onstage doing spoken word performance.  She’s also a mom, a pirate, and an arm-wrestling champ.



Lenny Bennett

In 2011, Lenny and Erin, after 18 years of marriage, decided to take the plunge and adopted a 7-year-old boy.  Shortly thereafter Lenny realized he needed to really step up and model an over-all healthy lifestyle for his son, Isiah. When looking for a fitness component to round-out this lifestyle change, he found these strange things called kettlebells, an exercise modality and school of thought completely different from anything he’d experienced before, and he could immediately identify its potential for true transformation.

Over the years his attachment to, and appreciation for this community had grown to the point where it was a completely natural next step to join the team, earning his NASM CPT, CKT1 from IKFF, and most recently his SFG1 from StrongFirst. 

A wine bar owner by night, he can be found participating in class several times a week as well as occasionally coaching classes. He loves the opportunity to work with people, helping them reach their strength goals and understand the importance of having strong minds, strong hearts, and strong bodies. “Something I love is to help people find their strengths, and then exploit them. We all need to have certain fitness levels in differing areas, but what are you REALLY good at? Let’s find out!


Rachel Sterry.JPG

Rachel Sterry

Rachel grew up in Louisville, KY and made her way to Portland via Maine, and Seattle picking up her undergraduate degree from Colby college, a license in Naturopathic medicine, power yoga teacher training, NASM personal training certificate, a husband, two step-kids and a baby along the way.

By day, she seeks to help moms regain and balance their health. While, by night, she loves furthering her knowledge of body mechanics, form, and strength patterns. Rachel believes that health stems from the interplay between movement, nourishment and restoration, and finding the Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club has been an integral part of her own perfect health combo.

When not in the gym, Rachel fills her time by practicing medicine, bike commuting, doing yoga, experimenting with new recipes, gardening and weekend hikes with her family. Read more about Rachel at her website, fitmamapdx.


Brian Bridget and Noretta Thorns Game.jpg

Brian Bell

Brian first experienced a kettlebell workout in New Orleans, LA where he was born and raised.  Since moving to Portland in 2014, he’s had the opportunity to explore them deeper and develop a passion for technique, and for practicing the skill of strength, rather than the pursuit of a certain physique.  He strives for safe and excellent technique, and knows first-hand that excellent technique looks different from person to person.  He has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best StrongFirst certified trainers in Portland, and found an awesome family at Bleeding Hearts, originally as a client.  Brian earned his StrongFirst SFG1 certification in September 2017, and hopes to use his passion for functional fitness to help clients achieve their goals in the same way his trainers and coaches have helped him work towards his.

Outside of the gym, Brian is a mechanical engineer in the hydropower industry, and enjoys working on house projects, sunshine, and beer.  He is an animal lover and often communicates with dogs better than people.  He has two dogs, two cats, and loves couch cuddles.  He most enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Bridget and daughter Noretta.  Without those two incredibly strong women in his life, he would not be the man he is today.




Lacey is a Portland native who grew up in an active and athletic household. Softball tournaments often doubled as family vacations. She started swinging kettlebells in 2013 because she was tired of riding the elliptical over and over at the big box gym. Lacey is StrongFirst Level 1 certified. She believes it’s not just the size of the bell that makes a person stronger, it’s practice and discipline. She views fitness, exercise and kettlebells as an important outlet and a vital part of a person’s overall well-being.

Lacey loves being part of the BHKC family, which is very service and community oriented. When she’s not at the gym, she’s either selling houses (she doubles as a real estate agent) or spending time with her longtime boyfriend, Joe. They love to travel and have other random adventures.



Eloise Hoatlin

Eloise has lived in Portland since her family moved at age 9. She is currently enrolled at PCC in addictions counseling. Eloise plans to focus her counseling career on helping others by using the benefits of exercise to support living a life of sustainable recovery. She didn't find her athleticism until just a few years ago and now is an avid runner and lover of all things fitness. She started as a client at the gym when it opened and they pretty much haven't been able to get rid of her since, so getting her SF1 Kettlebell Certification was a natural choice. Eloise loves the versatility of kettlebells in gaining strength, technique, endurance, and for cross-training in other sports. She is also founder and Captain of the gym's Run Club, as well as organizer of group races and other fun gym group adventures. She loves BHKC's dedication to community, it's supportive environment, and the flexibility it allows to bring her son to workouts. Eloise understands first-hand the value and benefits regular exercise brings to all aspects of life and loves helping people find their motivation to achieve and exceed their goals. When not at school, the gym, or her other job, she loves spending time with her equally active son, JP, or baking something fun in the kitchen.