bleeding hearts classes

We have a variety of classes—ranging from 30 to 60 minutes—to meet everyone’s schedule. See our class descriptions and find the perfect fit to help you meet your fitness goals.



This class is required before taking any other BHKC classes.

This free, 30 minute class focuses on the kettlebell swing, our most fundamental exercise. You will learn how to perform the hardstyle kettlebell swing correctly so that you can jump into any of our other classes safely and confidently.

kettlebell strength

In this class , we focus on the major kettlebell lifts: the swing, the squat, the deadlift, the press, the snatch, and the Turkish get-up. The emphasis will be on perfect reps, not speed, but as with any kettlebell work, there will be a cardio element.

kettlebell speed

In this class, we place the emphasis on using kettlebells and other plyometric tools to increase speed, agility, and quickness. It is a high energy and high intensity class guaranteed to make you harder, better, faster, stronger.

skill clinicS

Each 30 minute skills clinic will focus on a single kettlebell exercise, movement of skill, like the clean, snatch, swing or Turkish get-up. These clinics focus on form and technique and are taught by StrongFirst certified trainers.

intro to Practical Self Defense

You must take this class before attending a Practical Self Defense Class. In this free, 30 minute class you will learn basic footwork, striking, and pad holding techniques to prepare you to safely participate in the Practical Self Defense class.

Practical Self Defense

This class is an 60 minute long class focusing on practical self defense. Regardless of size, age, or gender, the striking and defensive skills learned in this class will make you safer and more confident.


Childcare for $3 an hour? Let us  watch the kids while you watch your form. Our dedicated childcare providers will keep your kids occupied with fun and healthy activities at a price you can actually afford. We want our members to focus all of their energy on their workouts during class time, and leaving your little ones with a qualified caretaker goes a long way towards getting you in the mood. Purchase single sessions for $3 or a pack of 10 for $30. 

intro to the turkish getup

This free, 30 minute class will cover the basics of the Turkish Getup, one of our most fundamental lifts and skills at BHKC. It is not required before taking a regular class, but you should plan on taking it during your first few weeks attending the gym.


For half of this class we focus on the major bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, single leg squat variations, hanging leg raises, and other calisthenics. The other half of the class emphasizes dynamic mobility through animal movements, yoga flows, and joint mobilization.


If you could only do two exercises for the rest of your life, they should be the kettlebell swing and the Turkish get-up. These classes will focus on the technique and skill of these two critical movements within a very simple, yet sinister, workout.

kettlebell quickie

This class is a shorter, 30 minute version of the Kettlebell Strength or Kettlebell Speed classes. If you need to squeeze in a workout during a busy day, or just want to ease in to the full hour long classes, this is for you.


BHKC yoga classes are taught in the "vinyasa" style, linking one pose to the next. The pace is moderate but challenging, with a focus on controlled, deliberate movement. This approach builds isometric strength, increases joint mobility, and sharpens the mindfulness necessary for balance.  Rather than simply "stretching", the goal of the flexibility work here is to increase range-of-motion.

Kickboxing level 1

In this class, the major focus is on boxing and kickboxing striking fundamentals while getting in a good workout. Pad holding basics and safety will also be a major part of the class. With time you'll learn the joys of being both an experienced striker and an experienced pad holder.

Kids Academy

Kids ages 4-12.

In this kids class, we focus on the fundamentals of movement to create 30 minutes of full body strength, mobility, and core in a fun and team filled environment. Leave your little ones in better shape than when you left them and get your child started in their love for fitness.

I have never been more committed to getting strong as I have been since starting here. Tana and Holly are extremely dedicated and patient trainers with a balance between being supportive and pushing you a little outside your comfort zone each time. It’s fun, welcoming and the day is not complete if you don’t get your “kettle hell’ in. I love it, and now my house mates have caught the bug, and we all go together every Saturday morning. Thank you for creating an amazing, fun and inspiring place to come to each day!
— Shazia Abdullah